The College Search Begins Now


It is never to early to begin your college search or to start prepping your college resume.  These are the top three summer assignments recommended for each grade level by the KHS College Room.  

Freshman and Sophomores

  1. Start researching colleges.  Try searches by majors, setting (urban, suburban, or rural), size, geographic location, etc.  Your initial list can include up to 25 schools and be a work in progress. To begin your search, use resources such as BigFuture (College Board) and Cappex.   
  2. Record your accomplishments.  Two to three years from now when you begin your college applications, it will be hard to remember all the wonderful things you have accomplished throughout your high school career.  Use the Senior Information Sheet created by the KHS College Counselors to record your information.  
  3. Make college visits.  Research interesting schools near your summer vacation plans or plan a short trip to a college near by.  Before you go try to schedule a formal tour through the college. Even if you don’t preschedule a tour, try to visit the college admissions center to get additional information and to record your visit.  Some college track the interest of their applicants so it never hurts to make sure they know you were there!


  1. Hone your college list. Try to develop a list of reach schools, good fits, and safety schools. Not sure where you fall in the mix at each school? Visit the admissions section for each school in
  2. Make sure to visit your top schools admissions websites and review application requirements, necessary course prerequisites, and application due dates and types.
  3. Make strategic college visits.  Humble ISD policy allows for two college search days for both your junior and senior year.  If you have a college that takes more travel time, consider visiting in the summer.  Before you go, research all the school has to offer for tours, information session, and one on one chats.  Make sure to make reservations if necessary.


  1. Finalize your college lists.  Visit individual college admissions websites and explore school scholarship opportunities, application requirements, and application opening dates. Texas Tech basic admissions site is a great example of the information you need to know.  
  2. Write your college admissions essay.  Having this ready when applications open starting in July, will make the entire process less stressful.  Identify the people you would like to read and edit your essay. You will go through many edits to craft an essay that fits you.  It is well worth the effort since many times it can be recrafted for scholarship applications. All essay prompts for ApplyTexas, the Common App and the Coalition App are available now.  
  3. Start your scholarship search.  Register with national scholarship databases such as FastWeb and CollegeXpress.  Once you fill out your information, these site will send you scholarship matches directly to your email.  Also, begin browsing the Local Scholarship list maintained by the KHS College Room.  This list is updated every two weeks.

For additional resources, please visit the KHS College Room site.  The KHS College Room will reopen on the first day of school for Fall 2019.  We are open every day at lunch in room 4405. During the summer we check our email every week, [email protected].