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Bipolar – A Diagnosis, Not an Adjective

The stigma against mental illness has been around for many decades. Is now the era in which society will finally combat it? Image Credits: Institute for Work and Health

Renee Bakare

September 7, 2020

Mental illness, a term frequently used in jest and for dramatic purposes. What people do not seem to understand is that mental illness is something to be afraid of while also being something to be cautious about. Across the globe, there has currently been a surge of awareness amongst millennials and generat...

Problems with Fast Fashion – How You Can Make Your Wardrobe More Ethical

Fast fashion isn't free- someone, somewhere is paying. -Lucy Siegle Photo credit: Getty images

Moyu Yumoto, Fine Arts Assistant Editor

July 23, 2020

As fast fashion takes over the fashion industry, trendy clothes are now being mass produced, making them cheaper. These clothes are only on trend for a little while, going out of style quickly so that consumers will continue to purchase more clothes in order to stay up to date. They are not made to l...

School Reopening – A Do or Don’t?

Education is essential to a good career, but during a time of crisis like COVID-19, are we really prepared to risk our children’s lives so they can enter a classroom? Photo Credits: Think Inclusive

Renee Bakare

July 14, 2020

Since the beginning of human creation, there have always been things to do, dreams to achieve, and plans to carry out. Some have plans to join the army or become doctors, but nevertheless, there is something that comes before humans are able to experience these aspirations. They require an education, and ...

It’s Time to Reframe Our Patriotism – Reflections on the 4th of July

Each year on July 4th, fireworks light up the night sky in celebration of our nation. But what are we really celebrating? Photo Credits: Vox

Ainsley Gill, Executive News and Opinions Editor

July 5, 2020

Some days it’s hard to celebrate America. It’s hard to celebrate independence in a country with the largest incarcerated population in the world and where children and families in search of a better life are separated and locked in cages. It’s hard to celebrate a country where everyone is promised...

The Horrifying News About Yemen

Natalie Burgos

June 21, 2020

The world right now seems like it’s in shambles. Turning on the news only leads to more disappointment, because whether it be a spike in Corona cases or more riots gone bad, nothing seems to be going well right now. While everything may seem broken, living in Kingwood allows us to escape from that r...

Photos Hold Power

Pictures have immense emotional and sentimental power and are able to remind us, even in dark times, of happier days and the beauty of the world around us. Photo Credits: Katie DeMasi

Katie deMasi

June 9, 2020

I, like many other teenagers, have had plenty of free time during this pandemic to peruse various platforms of social media. Scrolling on Instagram, reading funny tweets, and constantly snapping friends to keep in touch-  seems like we are doing anything to pass the time. Many people claim that social m...

Reflecting on the End of APAHM and the Model Minority Myth — From a Chinese-American Student

Asian Americans breaking the model minority mold.

Daphne Han

June 7, 2020

Daphne Han, a Chinese-American student who is a rising senior, reflects on the end of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month as well as the model minority myth.

Black Lives Matter: Education and Enrichment

When attempting to solve this centuries-long problem the first step to take is to educate ourselves and our communities on the pain and suffering this community has endured. Image Credits: Sacree Frangine

Isabella Espinosa

June 5, 2020

The past few weeks, the Black Lives Matter movement has been cast into the international spotlight after several violent and unjust events involving the discrimination of blacks have been displayed across social media. On Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, several posts and comments demanding bl...

The Coronavirus Has Revealed Everything Wrong with our School System

Classrooms are empty as students complete their final quarter of school from home. Photo Credit: Harvard Gazette

Claire Sullivan

June 2, 2020

The transition to online learning this last nine weeks has been...interesting. And it has also revealed the true motivations behind the structures that claim to be for our education.  Perhaps the most obvious culprit of educational wrongdoings is the College Board. The College Board is a “not-for-pr...

Educate Yourself: The Role of Social Media in 2020

Social media has always been a platform for people to publicly voice their opinions, and has, in fact, been used as a way to inform people of injustices but, now more than I have ever seen before, people have taken to media sites to highlight the injustice of the murder of George Floyd. Photo Credit: The Get Smart Blog

Alex Richmond, Features & Lifestyle Editor

May 31, 2020

I, like many, have rushed to social media during this pandemic as a form of social interaction that can be conducted from my bed. At the beginning of quarantine, my Instagram homepage was littered with challenge posts, and every story I clicked on said the same thing: “thank you to @___ for nomina...

The Thing About George Floyd

George Floyd's brutal treatment at the hands of police sparked massive protests nationwide.  Photo Credit: Insider

Natalie Burgos

May 29, 2020

  As many of you have seen, either through social media or the news, the killing of George Floyd has caused a massive uproar in society. The debate concerning police brutality has been circulating the media for decades, however in recent events it’s become more heated than ever. The killing...

KHS Student Opinions on Online Learning

For many KHS students, zoom classes have become the primary method for interaction with their teachers and peers. Credit: Fair Observer

Ainsley Gill, Executive News and Opinions Editor

May 7, 2020

Across the world, students have faced a challenging transition from in-person classroom connection to the very limited interaction with peers and teachers on computer screens. We surveyed KHS Mustangs to better understand how Kingwood students are learning and how they feel about online learning. The...

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