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Fresh faces in Kingwood High School Athletics!

Fresh faces in Kingwood High School Athletics!

Tamir Shaw August 15, 2022

What does it mean to play for your high school from a freshman’s perspective? Like many athletes coming into Kingwood High School, I too have been asking myself this same question. Is sports more...

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KHS Takes on College Board tests, Finals, and EOCs

Charlotte Karner, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

Test-Taking and Study Strategies With so many tests in a compacted time period, it can be stressful to manage your course load, along with your extracurriculars. It is important to develop test-taking...

Ben Erb (12), Jacqueline Trinh-Juarez (11), 
Kennedy Olsen (12), Aurora Spear (12), and 
Will Soto (12) rehearsing “There! Right 

Varsity Theatre gets their Spring Musical ‘Whipped into Shape’

Sawyer Bryce, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

This spring, Kingwood High School’s Varsity Theatre has chosen Legally Blonde The Musical for their second musical of the year. Kingwood has never put on two musicals in one school year which can only...

Kingwood HOSA members attending the closing ceremony 
Photo Credit: Adley Zalewski

Kingwood HOSA Takes on State

Katie Brubaker and Jett Smith April 30, 2022

After two years of virtual conferences, HOSA members across the state were reunited at the 2022 State Leadership Conference. From studying for various tests to mastering skills, preparing for this conference...

Kingwoods College and Career Center, located in room 4405.

Discover the College and Career Center

Emily Moore April 30, 2022

Have you walked down the hallway beside the library and seen the window in the above picture, covered with all sorts of college flyers?  Located in room 4405, the College and Career Center is open during...


Booktok: The Role of TikTok in Book Popularity

Charlotte Karner, Staff Writer March 22, 2022

TikTok has been proven to have a great influence on pop culture, from creating fashion trends to bringing artists to the top of the charts. But how did TikTok gain an educational twist, or one with such...

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The Crisis in Ukraine: What’s Going On and How to Help

Charlotte Karner, Staff Writer March 21, 2022

A Timeline of the Tensions Between Russia and Ukraine Some may believe that Ukraine is only appearing in the news recently, but Ukraine has a much vaster history than the news and school textbooks may...

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Spin-Offs and Reboots are Dominating the Entertainment Industry

Renee Bakare, News Editor & Assistant Opinions Editor March 20, 2022

The Batman, Marvel’s latest Spider-Man trilogy, and The Joker have all been praised as big-screen successes. However, even though they are fantastic movies deserving of public approval, is their critical...

Wordle: the Word Game Taking Over the World

Wordle: the Word Game Taking Over the World

Charlotte Karner, Staff Writer February 26, 2022

Have you been asked, “Have you done the Wordle today?” and questioned; what even is a wordle? If you’ve been on social media lately, you might be asking; what’s with all the posts with green and...

Making Jewelry

Making Jewelry

All about how I began creating my own jewelry!
Charlotte Karner, Staff Writer October 7, 2021

As a high school student, it’s hard to find time for a job between schoolwork and outside activities. I run a small jewelry business on Instagram and Depop to bring in a little money for myself, and...

Texas-based Girls Empowerment Network offers inspiring programs around the state.

Sparking Change – The Girls Empowerment Network

Isabella Espinosa May 12, 2021

     Confidence, coping skills, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity: the 6 C’s that serve as the fundamentals of the Girls Empowerment Network. A 501(c)(3) founded in...

We played across 20 courts at the Kingwood Country Club with 80 plus players honoring Coach Dwyer as a team one last time on Saturday, March 27, 2021. #dwyerstrong. - Photo Credit: Kelvin Shaw

A Letter to our Coach…

Jacob Shaw, Sports Editor March 30, 2021

The last few weeks have been filled with sadness due to the passing of Coach Greg Dwyer. We are thankful as a KHS Tennis Team to see the support we have received from our current coaches Coach Ruiz and...

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