Lindsay Nickelson


Lindsay Nickelson is a member of the Class of 2020 and is involved in theatre and AV at KHS.

What is something that you are intensely passionate about?

Film. I plan on going into either directing or becoming a cinematographer. I also just like watching film because I’m an actor and in theater, and the whole world of film means alot to me, I like to see the stories come alive. From an acting sense, I can become someone else and as a person, it almost helps you. Becoming someone else and completely transforming and going into a different world that is not your own can help you discover yourself. From a filming stand point, I’ve always grown up around it (My dad is an film editor) and having the visual as a part of my life. It is really just a form of storytelling. I love reading, but I also I love seeing things- there’s so many things you don’t understand until you see them in front of you. You can sit back and say “I didn’t realize that before”.