Boys Lacrosse Season Highlights 2022-2023


Photo Credit: Kingwood Mens Lacrosse

Leah Inman, News Editor

Guesses. At the beginning of this season that’s all any of us could do — guess at how it would play out. That’s so much of what any sport is; the goalie guesses which way to dive, the batter guesses what the pitcher will throw, and we guess who will win. So this season started with everyone guessing, but not a single guess could have been let linger long enough to become a hope or longer yet to become an achievement without the hard work that enabled our lacrosse team to have such an amazing season.

At the end of the regular season our Mustangs were second in the whole city! That feat was far from easy to achieve with the team beginning the season rocky, with a record of 2-7. But the Mustangs refused to accept that and concede defeat; instead they were forced to look at their performance and adapted in order to achieve what they did. After that they continued on a 7 game win-streak and made it to the playoffs in an incredible turn-around that can attest to their immense efforts to win for themselves, their team, and our school. Then, after losing the first game of the playoffs, they got a second chance and took advantage of the opportunity to come home with another win. The season came to a close however, after losing to a very strong team in the fourth game of the playoffs; despite the loss, the Mustangs were still able to score 8 goals, refusing to go down without a fight and continuing to put forth all their effort despite the scoreboard.

Overall, it was an amazing season that has led us to believe there are many more to come as the graduating seniors who have left so much on the field leave a young team that has so much talent and potential and are willing to do the same. It is safe to guess that the next few years have the capacity to surpass even this one.