KHS Golf 2022-2023 Going To State!


KHS Girls Regional Champions! Photo Credit: Jen Hartnett

Tori Archinal, Staff Writer

Success rarely happens overnight. It is normally achieved through hard work, setting and achieving goals, and believing in yourself and your teammates. The Kingwood High School girls golf team carved up the field in the district and regional tournaments setting a regional record with a team score of 595. Now they are headed to the state tournament for the seventh time in a row. 

Below are questions involving going to state with personal responses from head coach Susan Willis, junior Bella Flores, senior Morgan Ankenbrandt, and senior Kate Hartnett: 

How did playing in state last year help better prepare you for this year’s tournament? 

Coach Willis: “Last year’s experience is a huge plus – knowing the pressure of playing at state and knowing the golf course are definite advantages.” 

Flores: “I think going to last years state proved to our team that we could compete with everyone else. It also set higher expectations which have been super beneficial this year as we’ve set structured and helpful practices. It also helped us understand how to play as a team with the pressure of the state tournament.” 

Ankenbrandt: “Playing in last year’s state definitely reassured us that we can compete against the best teams. We all truly believe we have a chance to win and last year’s state gave us that confidence. We can all also play more comfortable now that we have our experiences from last year.” 

Harrnett: “Playing in state last year definitely helped all of us become more comfortable with the course and understanding how to deal with pressure. It also showed us that we are a good enough team to compete for first place at the state tournament.” 

This year our team set a regional record for a two-day total of 595. How does that help your individual and team confidence going into the state tournament? 

Coach Willis: “Shooting 595 definitely helps our confidence – knowing we can break 600 puts us in the position we need to be going into state.” 

Flores: “I think by us breaking a record at a really tough course has really boosted everyone’s confidence. I personally think Eagle Pointe (regional tournament course) is a more challenging course as the tee shots need to be more precise than at the state course. Knowing that we broke a record has motivated everyone to want to break our own record again at state.”

Ankenbrandt: “Breaking the record at regionals showed us just how good we truly are. I think going into state it motivates us even more to keep the success going and to play our best at state.” 

Hartnett: “I think setting a record really showed us how great of a team we really are and how much we can do. I think it has really motivated us to do that at state as well.” 

What would you like your classmates to know about our golf team and how prepared you are for state? 

Flores: “We’ve really put in a lot of hard work this year as a team and I think it’s paid off with our scores. I’d say as a team we’ve all put in the work so now is our chance to prove ourselves at state and post low scores.” 

Ankenbrandt: “Our golf team is rooted around friendship and how hard we work. We all root for each other and at the same time compete to beat each other. Our friendships make our team so strong because we all want to play our best for each other. This makes us work harder and keep each other accountable in practice. I think we have a really great chance and want to show everyone we can do it.” 

Hartnett: “I would want our school to know how hard we truly work and how much it means to us. Winning regionals by that much and having the chance to win state is such a big deal and some people may not understand that.” 

The KHS Girls Varsity A Golf team has had a successful season so far, and they are ready to take on the competition at state. This year’s state will be held on May 15-16, at the Legacy Hills golf course in Georgetown, TX. With hard work and dedication they will make KHS proud no matter the outcome! Good luck girls!

“That feeling you get when you win back to back regional championships.” KHS Photo Credit: Jen Hartnett