KM4B UIL Solo and Ensemble


Photo by Heather Newsom – taken earlier this year

Charlotte Karner, News Editor

On Thursday, February 16, many KHS Band students attended the KHS Solo and Ensemble Contest. On February 17-18, all other KHS Band students who did not attend the KHS contest attended UIL Solo and Ensemble. 

Students have been preparing for these contests for months in order to get the highest scores possible. Many students were working towards going to state with their ensembles or solos. In order to go to Texas State Solo and Ensemble, students must get a 1 on a class 1 ensemble at the preliminary UIL Solo and Ensemble contest, a 1 on a NMR Piece (Non-Memory Required), or play their piece memorized if memory is required to go to state, and also receive a 1.

217 Kingwood students received “1”s on their events, the highest score possible. The scoring ranges from 1-5, with 1=superior; 2=excellent; 3=good; 4=fair; and 5=poor. Many students are also going on to the Texas State Solo and Ensemble contest (TSSEC). This shows the pure excellence that comes from the Kingwood High School band program.

Overall, the event was a success for Kingwood Band students, and the hard work that was put in most definitely paid off not only in the scores that they received, but the memories and musical moments made.