Sammy Ortega


Sammy pictured in the back row in the blue uniform with his Freshman XC Team

Moyu Yumoto, Creative Editor

Sammy is a senior at Kingwood High School who focuses his time in Varsity Orchestra, and XC while holding an officer position for Key Club, and Spanish Honors where he helps plan meetings and take leadership.

Is there a way that you would like to impact the people around you?

“I guess I always wanted to be that smile to those around. A face so familiar yet a character full of uniqueness. I wish to be just a normal guy people can go up and talk to, feel comfortable with, and look up to. I might not know what they’re going through, but if I can just be me and maybe make them laugh, maybe a smile or a chuckle, and that allows them to continue and know something positive happened, that’s all I really ask. Who knows, maybe they might continue, make others laugh, be there for others how I was there for them, that to me is one of the best ways to live life. So when it comes down to it, I wish to be a happy memory to some, a happy helper to others, someone who was always there for others, someone who was always looking for the best of those around him.” -Sammy Ortega (12)