Discover the College and Career Center


Emily Moore

Kingwood’s College and Career Center, located in room 4405.

Emily Moore, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Have you walked down the hallway beside the library and seen the window in the above picture, covered with all sorts of college flyers?  Located in room 4405, the College and Career Center is open during Mustang Hour all week to provide guidance on post-high school destinations. College and Career Coordinator Jenna Perkins, graduate of Kingwood High School and Sam Houston State University, staffs the room and is happy to offer assistance with internships, colleges, the military, trade schools, and such. 

In the words of Perkins, the main purpose of the center is to, “help students develop a better idea of what they would like to pursue after high school.” From college to the military to trade school, and even directly to the workforce, Perkins can help students find their paths after high school. 

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to determine where you would like to go, what you would like to dedicate your time to after high school. The room “serves as a safe place for students to ask any questions that they may have,” including inquiries on college applications, scholarships and financial aid, admissions processes, college essays, as well as “figuring out what [they] want to pursue after high school and figuring out what the next steps are.” 

Perkins also works with Kingwood’s Moonshot initiative, a program aimed at equipping students with opportunities for internships as well as coordinating other career-related activities such as mock interviews and resume-writing courses.  Perkins works to connect students with Moonshot by helping find students internships in fields they are interested in, to give them the opportunity to gain experience before totally committing to careers.  More information on Moonshot can be found on the website, by contacting Perkins,  or in the College and Career Center.

So far as resources go, the College and Career Center offers plenty. They have college, technical school, and military information packets for students to pick up, look through, and bring home. Computers are also available for use, and they can be especially helpful for work on applications and essays. It is open daily during Mustang Hour, and Perkins can also work with students to find a time in an off-period, if they would like to visit at another time. Perkins is also available by email at [email protected].

Don’t hesitate to stop by the College and Career Center!  “Any question that you may have is worth a shot at asking,” says Perkins. If you’re not quite sure what to do after graduating from Kingwood, or need help with anything college or career related, a visit can help. “Ultimately, what you end up doing for the rest of your life is your decision,” adds Perkins, “I’m just here to offer support and advice to make the process easier.”