Fan and Alumni: Mike Grantham


Dominik Izydorczyk

The crisp smell of autumn air, shoulder pads crashing, and jubilant tunes of the KM4B are all things that we expect to hear and experience under Friday night lights. Aside from the pleasant and supportive atmosphere that the Kingwood community provides at our games, few can match the avid and deafeningly vocal KHS fan and Alumni, Mike Grantham. If one listens closely in the stands, they may pick up on incessant cheering and applause from the stands’ upper section. If one frequents the games, they may also realize that cheering is a weekly event. You guessed it; that’s Mike.

Mike Grantham “graduated in ’91 from Kingwood High School.” After which, Mr. Grantham has not lost an ounce of his hometown patriotism and admiration for the Mustangs. As Mike has said himself, “I follow Mustangs everywhere they go – all sports.” Mr. Grantham also passionately stated that he attends all home games and goes to away games with friends. Upon being asked if Mr. Grantham attended more than just football games, he enthusiastically shot back with “All mustang sports.” You heard that correctly. Mike Grantham attends almost every single home and away game for all sports! When asked if Mr. Grantham goes to playoff games, he repeated “Definitely, definitely” with a modest grin, and he’s been doing so since “back in ’87 or so.” Inclement weather does not deter Mr. Grantham either. Chuckling, he stated, “When it’s raining, I go to indoor [games], you know.”

Eagerly recalling that his graduation year was “the first team to take the Mustangs all the way to State,” Mike mentioned that he was the football and baseball manager during his four years at KHS. For playoff games, Mike Grantham has traveled to places such as Beaumont. The furthest that he commuted was the Converse: Judson Semifinal game near Dallas “back in ’91.” According to UIL records, the Mustangs put up a brave fight, falling to Converse: Judson 22 to 51. Judson went on to lose the Finals game by 2 points ( If one thing is for sure, Mr. Grantham brings the spirit and glory of that Semifinal Mustang football team to every single game.

To finish off the interview, Mr. Grantham was asked if he would like to comment on anything else. With an elated tone, he exclaimed: “Go Mustangs!”