2020 Marching Band Comes to a Close


Kingwood High School Band Facebook

The trombone section set at the front of the block before a show.

Emily Moore

2020 has been a tumultuous year for just about every organization at Kingwood High School. KM4B, the Kingwood Mighty Mustang Military Marching Band, has faced plenty of struggles presented this year. From postponing auditions to moving summer band camp online, the group has adapted on many fronts.  

Early on, band leadership realized that the season would be different. Band president Erin Doyle (class of 2021) said that though the 2020 season would have its differences, “that wouldn’t make it any less memorable.” They moved forward with a positive mindset, rather than “focusing on what [they] couldn’t do,” the band set their sights on, “what [they] could do.”

After getting off to a rocky start with cancellations and unknowns, KM4B proceeded with a somewhat similar schedule to past years which included rehearsals after school and attending home football games.

Due to Humble ISD restrictions the band was not allowed to travel to away games or competitions, but they have been coming in full force at Turner Stadium. The marching drill was modified to allow for social distancing, and, when they are not playing, the band wears uniform masks. Another new aspect of this season for KM4B was the addition of performances at junior varsity games. These extra performances gave the band more opportunities to run the drill in front of an audience to supplement for lost away games. 

This year, KM4B could not attend in-person competitions against other bands like they normally do, but they were determined to have some sort of competition experience. The directors coordinated an in-house performance at the Kingwood High School field and submitted the recording to a virtual competition. They had UIL style judges at the performance itself and successfully earned all 1s. The band had a socially distanced game and movie night on the field following the competition to celebrate. Doyle said that the experience made it, “feel like a normal competition and gave the band the opportunity to perform for the community,” with some fun involved afterwards. 

Though it has not been a normal year, KM4B has made the most of 2020, growing to be better than before. Doyle believes that the positive attitude adopted by the band at the beginning of the season “allowed [the] band to achieve the excellence [they] strive for” every year.