A Muddy Start to The Season

Paige Daniels, Fine Arts, Cross-Country Staff Writer

The cross country team was put to a halt during track season, but that did not stop them from training during the spring and summer. The team worked vigorously all summer in order to prepare for the upcoming season with workouts ranging from long runs to tempos.

Rebecca Rhodes, current freshman, was asked how COVID-19 has impacted her training. She kept it positive and replied that, 

Cross country was arguably the best sport to be a part of during the country’s initial quarantine, as running is easy to do on your own!” she exclaimed, but “the worst thing…is the prevention of us having pasta team dinners the night before a meet!

All meets are required to be socially distanced and all spectators have to wear masks, so there are precautionary measures taken for the recent virus. The Kingwood Cross Country Team had a muddy start to their first meet on Saturday September 12th at KHS. All teams ended their race with muddy spikes, legs, and jerseys, but they did not let this impact their performance. The muddy slip-and-slide of a course included the teams Atascocita, Klein, The Woodlands, and Kingwood. There were two races for each team; the girls came in 1st and the boys came in 4th place for the 4K race. While in the 2 mile, the girls came in 2nd and the boys came in 2nd as well.

Lauren Johansson, a junior, was interviewed post race and got asked how she thought the season would proceed in the future. She responded with,

I believe the season is going to be really good. Even with the impact of covid-19 we still have been preparing everyday for this season. We are all striving to do our best and we are putting 100% of ourselves out there to get better every day

Both teams are off to a great start as they head into the upcoming season!