Camp ARCH Experience- My First Introduction into Architecture

Camp ARCH logo/banner.


Camp ARCH logo/banner.

Phoebe Han, Staff Writer

This summer, I was accepted into Camp ARCH, a five-day camp where we would have the opportunity to learn and experience the many professions of architecture, urban planning, and visualization. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the camp would be held virtually, but nonetheless, I still had an amazing time and those five days have taught me so much about architecture and gave me an eye-opener of how much work and dedication went into each design. 

Our main project we would be working on during the camp was making our own 3D building design using the initials of our names and a variety of shapes that we would later present on the last day of camp.

On the first day, it was really stressful because I had no experience at all with any type of 3D programming or design, nor did I have any knowledge of how to use any of the applications I was told to download like Rhino 6, Miro, and all the Creative Cloud apps. Eventually though, with the help of my counselors, I got through the beginning steps and managed to finish making my shapes and initials, and learned how to turn them into 3D designs!

Geometric designs. (Phoebe Han)


Design of some letters in my name. (Phoebe Han)

On the second day, we learned how to unroll our objects and how to combine our shapes and initials together to make more complex shapes, as well learning many other functions that would be helpful towards forming the shape of the building.

Unrolling objects (Phoebe Han)
Making more complex designs. (Phoebe Han)

On the third day, our goal was to combine our initials and shapes together to form two different shapes that would suit as our building bases. I remember how much stress I had doing this! I kept remaking my designs during the next few days because I was never satisfied with the building bases I had combined, but eventually, I came up with something decent and unique.

Combining bases together. (Phoebe Han)

The main goal on the fourth day was to finish up our buildings, as well as work on our Entourage. I mainly worked on polishing up my designs, adding more details and objects that would bring it to life as if it were an actual building.

Finalizing designs. (Phoebe Han)
Finalizing designs. (Phoebe Han)

On presentation day, we all presented our final drawings (designs) and it was so amazing to see all the unique building designs everyone else had. Although I still have a lot to learn regarding the applications and programs I have used in the designing process, I’m very thankful for the opportunity I had to get some experience in something I’m interested in and might plan on pursuing in the future!

Final project build. (Phoebe Han)
Final project build. (Phoebe Han)