Taylor Swift’s Surprise Album – Folklore


Taylor’s album back cover for “Folklore” includes the names of the 16 songs on the album plus a bonus track. Photo Credits: Los Angeles Times

Griselda, Staff Writer


     While most of us spent the last 5 months living the quarantine life, Taylor Swift has been secretly working on her new album “ Folklore.” This is her eighth album and was released on July 23rd at 11 P.M. CST. Swift stated she’d usually wait and release the album at the “perfect time,” but the times we are living reminded her that “nothing is guaranteed.” She announced her emotional album less than 24 hours before it dropped, explaining that it was inspired by her fears, dreams, and musings. Like everyone across the country, Taylor’s plans for this summer didn’t happen but she was excited that something she “hadn’t planned” on that  “did happen.” The recent album is very different compared to her other albums, revealing a more sad and mellow side of her. With such short notice before the release of  “Folklore,”  the album has been trending for the last 24 hours because it holds such a personal message that makes it successful and special. She shared an unexpected piece of personal thoughts and I recommend it!