A New Kind of Summer Vacation


Katie deMasi

Summer is coming up and although it may be different from previous years, it will still be filled with adventures.

Katie deMasi

“Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. SUMMER!”

This iconic line from High School Musical 2 tends to resurface to the classrooms around this time every May. Students across campus eager to get out of school and race out of the building, finally to have 3 months filled with never-ending fun.

I’ve been there too! Sitting in 7th period just waiting for what seems like an eternity for that 2:50 bell to ring– the moment that full-fledged freedom will erupt. That is, until the infamous Covid-19 struck the United States and every other country of the world. Headlines blasted in early April that schools across the country will not be re-opening until the fall semester. I can’t help but think of the strange summer we are about to have. 

April came around and brought us the gift that is online learning. A work-at-your-own-pace sort of curriculum for the next 9 weeks, all the way until summer vacation. Strangely enough, it felt as if it was summer in April! We as students had the freedom to go outside and sleep in late any day that we wanted. At the same time it wasn’t even close to what a typical summer started off like. It used to be that most people would have end-of-the-year parties with friends, go to the beach on Memorial Day, or go on a midnight run to Whataburger– now that is totally different. Instead, we are instructed to stay at home and wear a mask if we are to go into public. 

With that being said, I am still eager to see what this summer has to offer. Everything can change in an instant and we have 74 days to see what happens. Make the most of the next few months even with the circumstances we are in. That might look like picking up a new hobby or establishing a new routine. Whatever that looks like for you I hope it brings you joy and stability in this new season of life. Maybe next year we will all be back together again in time to chant “summer” until that bell rings!