KM4B Continues to Honor Seniors


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KM4B seniors pose together at the senior night football game.


On Friday, May 15th, the Kingwood band honored their seniors with a virtual banquet known as the ‘Band Zoomquet’. Though this isolation can be tough, our band still finds creative ways to stay entertained, keep in touch, and of course honor the seniors. Throughout the school year, KM4B has enjoyed spending time together and making music as a family. However, since we are quarantined and Humble ISD announced on April 17th that school would be out for the remainder of the school year we weren’t allowed to have a traditional banquet. Still, our Kingwood Mighty Mustang Military Marching Band found a safe way to honor the seniors through senior shoutouts, a virtual banquet, and section drive-by parades. 

Honoring the KM4B seniors began May 5th-15th with senior shout outs similar to those posted by many other clubs, teams, and organizations @officialkm4b on Instagram… These shoutouts mention what college each senior plans on going to and what they are majoring in. The posts also include how many years the student was in band & what accomplishments they had throughout those years. The amount of years may also include the time throughout middle school. Their accomplishments included what band they started out in high school along with their achievements at various competitions. 

The ‘Band Zoomquet’ was filled with a lot of excitement and emotion. There was laughter, happiness, maybe even some tears. KM4B drum major Rachelle Wilshire of the Class of 2020 has made an impact on the band itself; she was even honored with the 2020 Mustang Sally award. Wilshire says, “the band banquet was a privilege to watch and be a part of. She mentioned that she would never, “trade the in-person band banquets for an online one,” but was grateful for the opportunity to, “see and hear everyone after such a long time…was plenty to be thankful for.” The banquet was not only a way to honor our seniors but it was also a way for the band family to interact and enjoy some activities with each other. Activities included band trivia, guessing ‘Then & Now’ pictures of seniors, and listening to the director Mr. Kameron Landes sing his parody of We Are Young by Fun as the banquet concluded. 

Though we weren’t finished honoring the seniors just then! There were senior parades the week of May 18th-22nd. The parades were divided into different days for each instrumental section. The directors and non-senior band members approximately 20 cars showed up for the clarinet parade) drove to the KM4B seniors’ houses. According to Rachelle Wilshire (drum major and clarinet) and Jonathan Clark (Clarinet), the directors provided an alumni t-shirt, a cookie with a frosted marching hat decorated on it, a booklet of all the seniors and their future plans, a KM4B patch in gift bags to each senior. While the seniors received their gift bag Rachelle had also received her ‘Student of Character’ and ‘Most Musical awards. I gathered a few comments from seniors on what they felt about the parade. Wilshire says “ It was so so wonderful!! I absolutely loved seeing my friends again after such a long time of absence. The directors and the band truly made our senior class feel loved, appreciated, supported, and special.” I’m sure all the seniors can agree on enjoying the parade while also seeing their friends. Echoing this Clark says, ”It went extremely well! It made me so happy to know so many people were willing to go out of their way to show support to our senior class. My favorite part was seeing so many amazing people one last time as a classmate and not as an adult.” 

Overall, I know that Kingwood Mustangs are strong and dedicated to their school and what they are compassionate about. I feel that everyone was satisfied seeing their band family together again even though it was not what we expected.

Read Landes’ parody lyrics here:

First Year Spotlight: Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight My first year has been cut short, by this Covid-19 Outbreak I can’t believe this is happening, I’m only just a freshman I just got to know my seniors, and now they’re leaving I know I started teaching months ago I know I’ve got nothing to regret But between my dreams, musical things, and trying to learn how to teach I’m trying hard to get back So if, by the time, the zoom closes And you feel like jamming out Please headbang, along TONIGHT, We’ll finish strong One band united for forever It will get better KM4B! Now I know that I’m not, all that you got, Morrison and Mr. Balch This band has been apart for far too long And I miss the band, You’re all my friends And I know that I will see you all again TONIGHT, We’ll finish strong One band united for forever It will get better KM4B So if, by the time, the zoom closes And you feel like jamming out Please headbang, along Tonight