Mr. Was by Pete Hautman: Book Review


This will be the best book you will ever read.

With all the extra time the quarantine and social distancing have created, people don’t know what to do or how to pass the time. For me, reading is a great way to escape what’s going on around you and go into the world or time of the characters in a book. I bet a lot of people are trying to find good books to read, so I am going to review my favorite book, “Mr. Was” by Pete Hautman. I’ve read many different types of books ranging from mystery, classic, fiction, realistic fiction, non-fiction, action or adventure, history, historical fiction, science fiction and Christian, so I enjoy reading all books. I’ve got to say “Mr. Was” by far is the best. Neha, my older sister, and I won a free book in elementary school and we chose “Mr. Was”. We both didn’t read it until we were bored in middle school, but we both were captivated by its engaging story.

You may be wondering what genre is “Mr. Was”. I would say it is a time travel story with elements of action, mystery, tragedy, and historical fiction. “Mr. Was” includes the themes of family, time travel, alcoholism, abuse, destiny, love, and loyalty. This book, surprisingly, is thought-provoking and may be food for thought for you. You never know.

At this point, you may be saying: why should I read this book or it sounds boring. I wholeheartedly assure you that anyone can read this book and nobody that reads this book will be disappointed. The book gets a little dry in the middle, but overall, the plot is engaging. The book is very interesting and may change or support your perspective on issues you may face, or pique your imagination.

The plot of “Mr. Was” is really about the protagonist, Jack Lund’s (aka Mr. Was), life and how it could be. Will Jack be able to use the mysterious door at Bogg’s end to prevent a fatal mistake? Will Jack be able to find happiness? Will Jack be able to find family? Will Jack even survive? All these questions will be answered when you make the life changing choice to read “Mr. Was”. I hope you enjoy it.