Kingwood French Students Compete in Texas French Symposium


KHS French

From left to right (in the back):Ainsley Gill (President), Rachel Moore (VP), Claire Sullivan (Secretary)

Moyu Yumoto, Staff Writer

Texas French Symposium is an annual two-day academic competition for students taking French from all over the state. Students take a series of written tests in vocabulary, grammar, civilization, and listening comprehension as well as compete in individual events. There are a number of events in which students can showcase their individual talent including reciting poetry, reading prose, sight reading, dictation, drama, music, and art.

This year, due to COVID-19, registered students did not have an opportunity to compete; only comic strips and video were judged. Please congratulate these winning students and the French competition team for their hard work!

The following students placed in top six for Bande Dessinée (comic strip):

1st Tobi Ajelabi (Level 1)

5th Daniela DeNobrega (Level 2)

4th Danielle Gazzilli/Inez Arroya (Level 3)

5th Nina Datz (Level 4)

3rd Alizé Ditilyeu (Level 5)

2nd Elizabeth Rasch (Experienced)

Video,4th place: starring Alizé Ditilyeu, Elizabeth Rasch, Jesus DeNobrega, and Zarel Tchani.

Bravo to the students who diligently practiced throughout the year, who memorized poems, drama solos, prepared prose, played their instruments, created beautiful works of art, and practiced, practiced, practiced! Let’s do it all again in 2021!