Jake Nichols


Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

Jake Nichols is junior at Kingwood High School and plays on the varsity basketball team, editor for mustang monthly and involved in various honors societies.  

What is the most prominent lesson/thing you’ve learned while in quarantine?

“In the crazy game that is life, the most reliable resource you have is yourself. While family and genuine friends are irreplaceable and of the utmost importance, no one can push you to further limits than yourself. You are the greatest factor in deciding how great you choose to be, and that is something that I have learned during this time of quarantine. No one can make you study for the extra hour, or practice for another hundred reps, or even take the time to self-reflect and see what you need to improve on besides yourself. You should be your hardest critic, as no one can hold you accountable like yourself.” – Jake Nichols (12)