Kate Mosel


Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

Kate Mosel is a senior at Kingwood High School who plays the cello in the Chamber Orchestra and is a leader in her youth group serving her community.  

What is the most prominent lesson/thing you’ve learned while in quarantine?

“Throughout quarantine the importance of taking life one minute at a time has really resonated with me. Prior to the pandemic, life was so fast paced that it was almost instinctive for me to be planning for the future and rushing to get next big moment in life. At first, I tried to maintain the fast paced future focused mentality, but quickly I realized that I needed to shift to a minute by minute mind set. I found that trying to plan out a future as well as dwelling in what could have been has only left me feeling overwhelmed and drained. This situation has truly caused me to really slow down and to cherish the little things that add to life.” – Kate Mosel (12)