Nick Neuman


Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

Nick Neuman is a senior at Kingwood High School that played his heart out this past year as a Varsity Basketball player leading his team and class with spirit throughout the year.  Nick will be attending Clemson in the Fall.  

What is the most prominent lesson/thing you’ve learned while in quarantine?

“This quarantine has taught me one thing, bittersweetness. And I think all of the seniors feel this way. We aren’t able to have the events and activities that makes senior year special. Senior year is supposed to be the year that you live with no regrets, but we can’t have that and it breaks our hearts. We are heartbroken that we have to leave our childhood behind with no goodbye. But on the other hand we feel… excited! We can’t wait to go off to college, to pursue our dreams, and to have new experiences that we have been waiting for forever. But we were able to get to this point because of Kingwood High School, which we can not forget. I will never forget what this quarantine taught me.” – Nick Neuman (12)