Laine Raley


Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

Laine Raley is a junior at Kingwood High School and focuses her time as a leader in Mustang Pals, Stucco, Varsity Cheer and Mustang Monthly. 

What have your learned about yourself in quarantine?

“The most important thing i’ve learned during quarantine is that I need to stop and breathe. When school was in session, I was constantly moving. I always had a meeting, or practice, or tutoring, or homework, or something. but these past couple of weeks, I’ve been able to stay still. It feels like I have my lungs back. I’ve been going on a lot of walks and bike rides, and every time I go, even though it’s the same path everyday, I find something new that amazes me. I never realized how truly beautiful Kingwood is. I’ve had time to read again too. I forgot how easily i can get lost in the stories, reading non stop for hours, time seeming like it doesn’t move. It’s something I didn’t realized I missed. I take for granted so much. It almost feels like this is a wake up call of some sort. I’m just so thankful now, for this time. For this inner peace.” – Laine Raley (11)