KM4B Goes Mobile!


Joan Reynolds

KM4B practicing on the field.

Caraline Alston

Throughout the school year, the Kingwood Mighty Mustang Military Marching Band strives to spend time with each other and make music whenever they can by hosting family nights, game nights, and concerts alike for all to enjoy. However, now in these times of quarantine, you may think that, like many other music programs around the world, they have gone silent, but that is far from the case.

The band has thrived in communication, mostly over Instagram. The band currently has a themed day for every day of the week to keep students entertained and practicing while still at home. They have Motivational Monday, led by the official hype man, Michael Hanson. He inspires the band with rallying speeches to better themselves in their playing abilities and their own mental strength during these weeks of endurance. On Tuesdays, they have club band as they would during the school week where they talk about whatever is relevant. Workout Wednesday follows and entails workouts by Josh Kosco, integrating exercises with the band members’ water jugs so everyone can participate and stay healthy. Thursday is for practicing, so everyone uploads a video of themselves playing whatever they wish on their instruments, be it audition music or a solo. Finally, Fridays are band family days. Students post their favorite photos of themselves and their section and friends, reminding everyone that band is family and always here to support everyone.

The band continues to be supported by amazing directors who miss their classes. Mr. Morrison even hold coffee and lunch Zoom sessions with Mr. M so kids can see their friends and hang out like they usually would in the band hall. Even at home, the directors are working hard as usual with auditions coming up soon. The band hopes to return to normalcy soon and prepare for the 2020 marching season.