The Everlife Series


Julia Westwood, Swim Staff Writer

This series was one of the best trilogies I have read. The plot is built around two realms, Troika and Myriad, who are at war with each other. Before an individual dies, he or she must choose which realm in which they wish to live out their “Everlife.” The two realms are trying to recruit Tenley Lockwood, but she can only choose one.  The realms will go to any lengths to claim her. The series starts out with “FirstLife,” which sets up the series and provides context. It also gives Tenley’s view on the realms and hints at the beginning of a love story. The second book is “LifeBlood” which continues right where “FirstLife” left off. This book is about how far the realms will go for one individual to harm another, but the love story continues. The last book “EverLife” is all about the war between the realms and what happens when all trust is broken. All the books are so intriguing I couldn’t put them down. There was so much intensity and suspense.  The blossoming love story in the series was sweet and well written. The trilogy makes for a great, fast-paced read.