What is a Diaspora?

Sara Aljarery

Sara Aljreere, Staff Writer

Diaspora is the term used to describe people who are from different ethnic groups. It’s the best definition to describe the Palestinian diaspora, which includes all Palestinian outside and inside Palestine. Every day in Palestine there is a diaspora. It starts in Jerusalem, which is the most separate part of the country. Jerusalem is divided into three parts. The first part is controlled by the Palestinian government, which can not do anything. It only includes some of the religious buildings. The second part is controlled by the Jordanian government and includes the Dome of the Rock, Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The third and largest part is under Israeli occupation. You must have a document proving that you are Palestinian, an Israeli occupation card, or a Jordanian passport in order to enter the Palestinian occupied area. This explains a little bit of the diaspora inside Palestine. In the Arab countries, they embrace the Palestinians. Take Jordan, for example, half of Jordan is Palestinian and they have a Jordanian card. In Lebanon, there are 2 million Palestinians living in encampments without proper documentation from Lebanon or Palestine, so their movement and opportunities are limited. They also do not have the right to own property, because they only have a refugee travel document. This is what diaspora means to me for all of the Palestinian lives in this conflict.