Houston COVID-19 Response Information and Updates

Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

Clear & Accurate Information on Houston COVID-19 Response is Crucial During this Time…

I have had the opportunity to connect with Cydney Cameron, Volunteer and Intern Coordinator for the Houston Health Department.  She was gracious to point me in the right direction to the following homepage for all your latest and most accurate updates for Houston’s management of COVID-19 locally. Please take time to make sure and read what is happening locally and heed the advice of our local authorities.  


“While we are all bombarded with a huge amount of information about COVID-19, some people may find certain details confusing or even worrisome,” said Dr. David Persse, local health authority for the Houston Health Department. “Our aim is to make sure the public has the facts on how to best protect themselves and allay any fears.”

As HCPH continues to monitor the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), please visit their webpage for information and updates.

Take the Harris County Public Health and Houston Health’s self-assessment tool to see if you qualify for testing

The websites contain great information on what is happening in Houston and how you can get involved in your local response to COVID-19 and get the latest information needed in your local area.