Managing Coronavirus Anxiety and Stress



Moyu Yumoto, Staff Writer

The recent pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has taken all over the news headlines.
School districts all over the nation have been closed and people have been involved in self-quarantine. With all of this media attention, this could be very stressful for many people– including myself. During this time period, you might be experiencing stress, worry, helplessness, and it could even affect your physical health.
Here are ways to manage with coronavirus anxiety and stress:
Limit excessive media influence 
Although keeping up with recent news and staying informed is helpful, constantly being overwhelmed with anxiety-inducing news can worsen your stress. Staying tuned on current news 24/7 will only make you worry more and worsen your stress or anxiety. Make sure to limit time on social media to avoid excessive media exposure. Most importantly, watch out for misinformation! Be sure to get updates from credible sources.
Practice self-care 
Even while school is closed, it’s important to maintain a balanced daily routine.
Get plenty of sleep, maintain a balanced diet, and get some exercise in!
Make sure not to eat snacks at random times of the day, but rather build a eating schedule to stay healthy. Your physical health also affects your mental health greatly!
Keep in contact with your friends
Take advantage of social media and connect with your friends! Social-distancing doesn’t mean completely isolating yourself from social interaction. You can always talk to your friends online while staying home.
Keep yourself busy
While school is closed, you can spend more time engaging in your hobbies.
This time might be a good opportunity to spend more time doing things that you wouldn’t be able to do during a regular school year.
If you are ever feeling overwhelmingly anxious, you can always get professional mental health support. Stay away from crowds and wash your hands!