Coronavirus– Staying Calm


Malaka Gharib/ NPR

Jacob Shaw, Sports Editor

As coronavirus spreads quickly throughout the world, many people are fearful of how their lives may be affected. Many people have been inclined to freak out as they learn more about the disease. Here are some common sense things to do and not to do in these upcoming months.

First, don’t loot the stores to stock up on supplies. Many other people need basic supplies such as food, bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, and other essential items. It is important to be considerate of others because you probably aren’t the only person who is worried about the disease, but you are most certainly not the only person who needs supplies.

Second, if you feel sick or display some of the symptoms of the virus please stay at home. This is especially important if you have been to a foreign country. While mostly older people are dying from the virus, people like myself who have been sick recently might get a more severe case of the virus. Also, being sick in general is no fun, so please be mindful of that and don’t make selfish choices. We might be going back to school after this next week so please make good and well-thought-out decisions because they may affect the safety of all of us students.

Lastly, if you are worried about the disease, many articles and statistics are at your disposal. You can watch the news or read articles online. If knowing more information disturbs you, know that staying calm and making good decisions can be the deciding factor on whether you contract the virus or not.

Stay safe and try to enjoy your extra break.