Spencer Conley

Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

Spencer Conley is an upper level math teacher focusing on Pre-AP Pre-Calculus BC and AP Pre-Calculus AB at Kingwood High School.  He is also the sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta and many more social and cultural clubs.

What is your favorite part of teaching students and teaching math?  Is there a person that you know personally or someone from history/fiction that you admire? Why? 

“Math is very logical and so I love teaching it.  Of course, the most rewarding part is when students who are using an illogical approach to address a question change their thought process to one that is logical and I see a lightbulb turn on.  It is also great when you hear from them down the road and they are doctors, engineers, and like what happened this year to one of my former students, named the top school Superintendent in Texas.” – Spencer Conley

“There is a person I admire.  Carl Friedrich Gauss.  Basically, everything we learn in Algebra II can be attributed to his work.  He had the biggest impact on how we think of math, how we approach problems, and even look at life.  He planted trees in such a way that the sides of the forest formed a right triangle so that way if there were intelligent aliens looking down on to Earth they would know that we at least understand basic math.” – Spencer Conley