Lizzy Young

Lizzy Young is currently a senior at Kingwood High School involved in the school’s chamber orchestra program as a violinist and on the varsity volleyball team.


Daphne Han, Web Design, Executive Student Life Editor, STEM Editor

Lizzy is a senior leading in all that she touches at KHS with a focus on Volleyball and Orchestra.  

What are you most grateful for in this current moment?

“I am so grateful to have such a great support system. As time passes and graduation comes closer and closer I have learned to appreciate all the opportunities and experiences around me. I couldn’t ask for better friends, parents, teachers, or relatives. I have so many friends and family that never fail to make me laugh and have my back, and honestly I can’t ask for anything more. I have made so many memories that I will forever look back on and I can’t wait for many more. Moments during class or lunch, trips for orchestra or volleyball, officer retreats, traveling with family, or simply spending time with friends and family at home remind me to always be grateful and enjoy the little things. And since a lot of us (seniors) are experiencing a lot of our “last” moments together I am especially grateful for everything that we have done together. I have had so many opportunities to grow and learn and I am so grateful, especially to those of you who have challenged me to become a better person. There are so many people to be grateful for. You know who you are :)” – Lizzy Young (12)