Rachelle Wilshire

Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

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Rachelle is a senior at Kingwood High School and the Drum Major in the KM4B-Kingwood High School Band.

What is something that you have learned recently that has made an impact on you?

“One thing that I have learned recently is how to manage my time and getting things done with as little stress as possible! It involves setting my phone aside and focusing on what needs to be done THAT evening. I’ve learned that stressing only makes everything worse. Last year as a junior, I got everything that I needed to get done done, but it involved lots of tension and worry. Now, I’ve taken a step back, really used my planner, planned ahead and remember that my grades aren’t the reason of existence, and I’ve really relied on the Lord to give me an unexplainable peace throughout my day and into my study time. Of course there are days where I begin to feel the anxiety come on, but I’m able to combat it this year unlike years past.” -Rachelle Wilshire (12)