Alex Richmond


Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

Alex Richmond is a junior at Kingwood High School. Alex enjoys being a part of this newspaper and adding her creativity in any way she can. She is president of Model United Nations, and is involved in NHS, soccer, orchestra, and much more. 

Where and when do you find yourself most at peace?

“I am most at peace when I am experiencing the many joys of the world. This maybe at the top of a mountain, racing my friends back down to the base, skiing through trees, and maneuvering around ski school groups. This may be at the bottom of the ocean, inches away from a whitetip reef shark, listening for whales as they dive mere miles away, and moving with the slight current as it pulls me and my scuba tank towards my family.  This may be in the middle of a fantastic book, my eyes darting from one line to the next, immersing myself into the story, and feeling the twists and turns of the pilot as the characters do. This may be spending time with friends, having long conversations, and laughing until our lungs hurt. I am at peace wherever I can experience joy, and love, and wonder” – Alex Richmond