AV Film Club’s Latest Project

Sara Aljreere, Staff Writer

On November 11th, the Kingwood High School AV Film Club is going to start filming a new short film at Kingwood High School. The AV club had multiple meetings last week and many members, along with me, are absolutely thrilled for the filming.

The filming will take place at the girl’s dressing room behind the auditorium stage and the black box. There are 3 female actors and the name of the protagonist is Jenna, which is also the name of the short film. Most the filming will be done at school, with only one shot requiring it to be at a house. The film is about the teenage protagonist, Jenna. She has a health problem and she doesn’t respect the people around her. There will be a lot of suspense during the film. This is all I can say for now as I don’t want to spoil too much of the long awaited AV film! Each member of the AV club is working hard in writing the script as well as filming the short film, so please stay tuned!