GPA: Is it here to stay?

Molly Stroud, NEHS Guest Writer

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Ranking students by grade point average in high school has proven to have both advantages and disadvantages for students. For the majority of students, class rank pushes them to become more competitive and try to harder in their classes so they can “move up” in ranking. Class rank also makes it easier for colleges to decipher who is performing better academically by looking at their grade point average next to other students from their school. However, class rank has also become something that creates unnecessary stress and often depression among high school students because they feel like they aren’t performing as well as they should or because they’re not in the top 10% or whatever other reason it may be. Also, many students find ranking by GPA unfair because it only takes into consideration academics and nota student’s personality or involvement in extracurricular activities.

I decided to share my opinion aboutclass ranks because I am one of the few people who doesn’t stand strongly on either side of the issue. I like the idea that class rank pushes me to be a more competitive student, but I do think other aspects, such as a student’s social skills, can be just as vital as GPA, though they unfortunately are not considered in the ranking system. I’m curious to see where the school system will be with class rank in the next 25 years. Will schools remove ranking based on GPA, or is it a system that’s here to stay?