StuCo’s Trip to Disney World!


Kelsey Knigin

Over October break, Kingwood High School’s hard-working student council officers went on atrip to Disney World. On this trip, they were able to explore the Disney Parks while working ontheir leadership skills. One of the days, the students participated in a leadership seminar wherethey partook in several different team-building activities. One of the main exercises that they did was a scavenger hunt which allowed them to use their unique personal skills in a combinedeffort to complete each task. Junior, Caroline Doiron, says that “the seminar was a fun way forstudent council to bond and understand that even though we can’t agree on everything, it isimportant to compromise and incorporate as many ideas as possible because that’s what formsthe strongest and most effective teams”.

In addition to their leadership activities, StudentCouncil had fun riding roller coasters, watching fireworks over Cinderella’s castle, eating Dolewhip, and going on the Keys to The Kingdom Tour where they got to go behind the scenes ofDisney. One of their favorite parts of the trip was watching Dr. Nasra act as an extra in theIndiana Jones show. Overall, the Student Council had an amazing time on their trip and want tothank Mrs. Morris and Mr. Knight for always supporting them!


Dr. Nasra at Disney World