Mark Scalia


Neha Shaw, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Scalia is a renowned AP US History teacher at KHS.

Is there a person that you know or someone from history/fiction that you admire? Why?

I guess the person I most admire from history is Theodore Roosevelt, and not necessarily because he was President. TR was a man of conviction, which often ran counter to the political conventional wisdom of his own party. He refused to be bound by the politics of others; he followed his own assessment of what was right and what was best for the people for whom he was responsible, be they cowboys on his ranch in the Dakota territory, soldiers in Cuba, or the American people. Granted, his path wasn’t always the easiest, and some would argue not always the smartest . . . but it was always honest and true to TR’s character. TR loved his family and his country unconditionally, with the same vitality and relentless nature with which he lived his life.  He was the quintessential American original.