Andrew Kim


Andrew Kim is a member of the Class of 2019 and will be attending the University of Texas. He is an active member of KHS Varsity Tennis, Debate, NHS, SciNHS, Rho Khappa, Mu Alpha Theta, Key Club, FSHS, and he serves as a Class Officer as well.

Is there a person that you know or someone from hisoty/fiction that you admire or has influenced you and why?

A character that I admire and learn from is Pam Beesly from The Office. Pam is often characterized as shy and quiet, but as the television series progresses, she learns to become more confident and enjoy life the way she pleases. Pam inspires me to express confidence in my life, while avoiding arrogance at the same time. Sometimes we let people take advantage of us: in school, work, or a relationship (platonic or romantic), and mustering up the courage to stand to this is beneficial to us. If we are going to enjoy our only life, we should not let something as silly as our timidness withhold us. Rather, we should be confident and express our true feelings like Pam Beesly.