Journaling My Life Out


Moyu’s Bullet Journal

Moyu Yumoto

Trying to manage loads and loads of school assignments and studying time is not easy. When it comes to time management, getting a planner to organize stuff down helps.

A bullet journal is an organization method, which is not only used to plan your schedule, but it can be used for many other purposes. For example, it could be used as to-do lists, brainstorming, sketchbook, scrapbook, album, diary, and whatever your imagination desires.

You might think that bullet journaling requires artistic ability. But in reality, you don’t need an artistic skill to start bullet journaling- all you really need is a pen and a notebook. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go extra. Many use brush pens, washi tapes, watercolors, and the list goes on. Bullet journal doesn’t limit your creativity!

I started bullet journaling last August, at the beginning of 8th grade. Time management was never one of my strongest suits- and I came across a photo of a bullet journal calendar on Pinterest, so I decided to give it a try. First, I struggled to keep using them consistently, but I got better at using them as I got more experience. I personally use my bullet journal as a planner, to-do list, brainstorming, devotional journal, scrapbook, and a diary. For me, my bullet journal is where I could express myself without worrying about other people’s eyes. I use it as a diary as well to simply express what I did and how I felt throughout the day. When I’m stressed, it helps me to write down why I’m feeling that way- It’s almost like having a therapy session with myself. It also really helps me to put myself together when I’m having a busy week. As a freshman, I’ve been overwhelmed with all the school work I’ve got, and extracurricular activity events. In order for me to maintain my schedule without being unorganized, bullet journal has been an essential item to my high school life.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like your thing. But when it doubt, give it a try! Go grab a notebook and a pen, and let your creativity do the work.